Statistics 473/953 - SPRING  2010
            Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics

Lecturer: Dr W J Ewens
215 898 7109
Office: 324 Leidy Labs (corner 38th. St and Hamilton Walk)

Office hours: "I am available at all times to discuss any aspects of this course. Contact
information – email is best – is given above. Never hesitate to contact me or come to see
me at any time."   - Professor Ewens

Midterm:  first week after mid-term break (in class)
Final: Tuesday, May 6 -
(12 noon - 2 pm)

Lecture Notes


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Other Materials
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Course syllabus

Important Dates
Thursday, January 14 First day of class
First week after mid-term break (in class) Midterm Exam 
Tuesday, May 11 - (12 noon - 2 pm) Final Exam
TBD Last day of class

TA Contact Information
Mike Baiocchi
434 Huntsman Hall - 4th Floor