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Larry Shepp

Patrick T. Harker Professor,

Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Board of Governor's Professor

Rutgers University

Updated Feb 1st

On January 5, I got dehydrated and fainted. I fell and broke my neck. My spinal cord was injured, but not severed. I am currently in rehabilitation in Tucson. I expect to make a full recovery, but for now I am paralyzed. This picture was taken January 18th.


My major research interests are in probabilistic, combinatorial, and statistical analysis of models for problems arising in physics, engineering, and communications: computed tomography; automatic pattern recognition; probabilistic models for phase transitions; connectedness of random graphs; mathematics of finance; genetics. I am actively working on the problem of closed loop control of diabetes.

For a list of publications go here .


The notes for my Spring 2012 course 991 on problems can be found here .
A description of my course, 436, given in Fall 2012, can be found here . Notes can be found here . Homework assignments and solutions can be found: here (the source files are here and here). A corrected version of Quiz 2 is here. For the republicans vs democrats paper, see here .

Polemical activity:

A recent paper on the current debate between Democrats and Republicans on whether taxation helps or hurts employment is here .

My talk: From Tukey to Vardi and Beyond (remarks on data mining) is here , for pdf, here .

More About Me

If you want to know me better, please enter here .

Family pictures, badly needing updating, see here.

See here for a description of a trip to Iran in 2003.

See here for a description of an old trip to Cuba. 

See here for a old story about the abuse of Sheng-ming Ma.

See here for comments on a 2011 conference on Arab contributions sponsored by Rutgers's Center of Middle Eastern Studies.

For some old preprints, see here, here, and here.

How to reach me

For links to mathematical activites in Russia, see here , here , and here .

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