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    University of Pennsylvania

Statistics 430: Probability (Fall 2011)

MW 9:00-10:30AM and 10:30AM-12:00PM in F55 JMHH

Course Information
  • Professor:
    T. Tony Cai, Office: 469 JMHH; Office Hours: Wednesday 1-3PM
  • Teaching Assistant:
    Hyunseung Kang, Office: 434 JMHH; Office Hours: Monday 12-1PM
        *Review Sessions: Monday 5-6PM @ JMHH F60
    Yun Zhang, Office: 431-2 JMHH; Office Hours: Thursday 12-1PM
        *Review Sessions: Thursday 5-6PM @ JMHH F60
  • Announcements:
    Hyunseung will hold extra office hours this Thursday (Dec. 15, 2011) from 1PM to 4:30PM @ JMHH 434
    Review sessions for finals are on Monday, Dec. 12 from 5PM to 6PM in JMHH 340 (Hyunseung) and Thursday, Dec. 15 from 5PM to 6PM in JMHH 345 (Renee).

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